Yearly-recap idea inspired by (i.e. stolen from) Kyle McDonald - Memory.

40,521 Miles Flown
499 hours and 11 mins logged writing code
7 Awards for Soy Cubana

  • Started work on Overheard with research trip to Minneapolis at the height of winter
  • Soy Cubana premieres at SBIFF
  • Finished working on and launched Pigments.
  • Gypsy Sport Video launches
  • I had to work on our first wedding anniversary so Amelia came out to Minneapolis.
  • Presented at NY Tech Meetup.
  • Overheard opens to the public at Mia!
  • Went to my first eyeo and gave an Ignite talk with Mandy that was described as “very high energy.”
  • Working birthday as usual, but came home to a surpise grilled-cheese party.
  • First time in Miami (besides coming/going from Cuba) - location scout for Black Cloak.
  • First time in Portland to the wedding of my first friend in the world.
  • Social Sound featured in Blindside festival, Melbourne.
  • Rebooted Amplified self for Next Art Night.
  • Two weeks back in NY for a design workshop. First time commuting by boat!
  • Went to a watching party for the first debate and everything looked like it would be fiiiiiine.
  • Late fall trip to Sequoia and Yosemite parks for project research and a much needed digital detox.
  • First time in Savannah, GA for Savannah Film Festival at SCAD
  • First time mentioned in NY Times!

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