Projection design and mapping for theatre production.

2013 - Featured at Ars Nova Ant Fest
2014 - Theatrical run at Goddard Riverside Bernie Wohl Center

For the 2013 preview at Ars Nova Ant Fest, I developed a dynamic projection for the final scene that could be cued and changed in response to the actor’s timing instead of forcing the actors into a fixed timing. Pre-rendered scenes combined with dynamically generated elements to create an 80s-inspired ascent into the stars and subsequent fall back to earth.

For the 2014 theatrical run, we had a permanent home for the production and wanted to move away from a standard, 2D rectangular projection. Inspired by the Debutante Ball theme, I developed visuals that would be projected onto a 20” disco ball, filling the room with pinpoints of light that could be individually controlled. To develop the visuals, I created a mathematically accurate reflection simulation software that would help the director visualize how the pinpoints of light would scatter throughout the space.

Director: Annie Tippe - Project website

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