Mixed Reality Studio


Project-Focused Mixed Reality Class at Woodbury University

A new Mixed Reality Studio class in the Applied Computer Science department at Woodbury University.

Because this is a rapidly evolving field where the technology and workflows are constantly changing, I frequently return to the idea that the design thinking is likely to outlast any specific technology we cover. Given that the class is open to non-computer-science students, and that architects specifically are encouraged to join as well, I developed the class around the design challenges and opportunities offered by VR/AR. For example, how does designing a UI change when you can work with 3D space rather than screen-dimensions as your constraint? We also talk about using VR as a tool but not necessarily focusing on VR as the end product. For example, using VR to pre-visualize an architectural design as it develops.

The class is being developed in the open, and I am always interested in feedback and insight. The most recent syllabus and resources can be found on github.

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