Social Sound


A Tool for Live Performance of the Social Sphere

Social Sound is a performance tool designed to aggregate the flow of real time social activity into a rush of sound in the real world, providing a unique portrait of the social sphere at a given moment in time.

A choir of people gather in one physical location, using the Social Sound website as their virtual songbook, ensuring that each performer is reading a unique part. Tweets containing the key search term are channelled to the performers, who narrate the thoughts out loud.

The tool defaults to tracking the word “now,” although any search term can be used. The tool can be found at If you use it to do something cool, let us know!

Creative Direction and Software by Luxloop.

Featured on:
The Creators Project
Prosthetic Knowledge
Blindside Gallery, Melbourne

“#now” performance video produced by:
Lauren Hoekstra
Doug Turner
Ivaylo Getov

Christina Bobrowsky, Beck DeRobertis, Lauren Hoekstra, Sean Keta, Dasha Kittredge, Joshua Koopman, Taylor Laughlin, Moana Sherrill, Amelia Steely, Jeremy Ungar, Nick Zeig-Owens

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