"Love Machine" Interactivity Salon


Theatre technology workshop and performance.

3LD Salon Series Event - INTERACTIVITY
Curated & Produced by James Scruggs
Directed by Andrew J. Scoville
Produced & Managed by Karina Martins and Future Action Science Theater

The Interactivity Salon brought together designers from all different backgrounds with the goal of expanding the conception of how reactive technologies can be used theatrically to tell a story. How much agency can interactive storytelling give to the audience? How aware of their involvement should they be? What is the relationship between interactivity and immersion?

David Tennent, Daniel Belquer, Mike Donaghey, Ivaylo Getov, Greg St. Pierre, Izzi Ramkissoon, Bob Wuss, Kate Freer, Joe Cantalupo, Chloe Lee Kernaghan, Santiago Peraza Eraso

I developed a wireless inertial arm tracker allowing an actor to manipulate projected images in real-time using natural interactions such as grabbing and moving in space. I was also responsible for developing a 360° interactive flock simulation that reacted to dancers and audience members as they approached the walls of the space.

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